The Cheese

The CheeseThe Cheese has loved movies ever since he was a wee lad. Growing up in a conservative (read: cultish) household can be tough for a budding movie buff, which is why he became obsessed with the sanctioned films he was allowed to watch: Star Wars, Indiana Jones (not the evil one!), Short Circuit, and The Rocketeer. His mum made him watch The Sound of Music a lot, too, which is probably why he randomly breaks into song.

Even though many have classified him as a movie fanatic, he has some glaring holes in his back catalogue of essential viewing, and while he’s since glad he watched The Godfather movies (the first two only, of course), he’s less enthused that he suffered through the plotless dribble otherwise known as Goodfellas.

If you think that particular admission is scandalous, you ain’t heard nothing yet. The Cheese prides himself on passionately defending his minority views on cult movies, and shamelessly championing downtrodden cinematic gold of which only he can see the glisten.

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