Top 5 Most Uplifting Movie Moments

by Jody B. Movie

They’re those moments that made my heart soar, brought a tear to my eye, or maybe even gave me hope for the human race.

(WARNING: this article contains spoilers)

5. Escape to Victory


It stars Michael Caine and Sylvester Stallone, but 1981’s Escape to Victory’s uplifting moment is provided by non-actor and soccer superstar Pele, who scores an amazing goal in this most unlikely story combining soccer and Nazis and an even more unlikely escape plan.

4. 127 Hours

127_HoursAron Ralston is a man looking back over a life of inability to connect with people.  With his arm wedged under a boulder, Ralston contemplates the decisions and actions that have moulded him, as the water and his chances for survival dwindle. His decision to cut off his arm with a pen-knife is a decision the audience won’t ever have to face, but the movie succeeds in getting us to ask ourselves, “What would I be willing to do to keep on living?”  The moment when he finally releases himself is gut-wrenching, stomach-churning and triumphant.

 3. Calamity Jane

Doris_Day_as_Calamity_JaneMusicals are pretty low on my list of favourites, but when the crusty character of Calamity Jane finally softens and Doris Day sings “Secret Love”, dressed in a crisp dress and minus her pistols, I not only believe in love again, I hum along.

2. Duel

Steven_Spielberg_DuelDennis Weaver’s salesman character battles a crazed and seemingly invisible truck driver and is coming off second best after each vehicular encounter. He’s an unremarkable man caught up in a remarkable situation, so when he finally outwits the truck and it plunges off a cliff, roaring like an injured beast, Weaver’s reaction unleashes on the screen with a mixture of relief and exhilaration that still has me cheering for him every time I watch it.

1.  The Shawshank Redemption

The_Shawshank_RedemptionAndy Dufresne emerges from a sewer pipe to find freedom after years of incarceration for a crime he didn’t commit, and Morgan Freeman’s narration encapsulates the moment: “Andy crawled to freedom through 500 yards of shit-smelling foulness I can’t even imagine.” Sheer poetry.


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