Episode 24 – Birdman

On our first episode for 2015, we kick things off in a meta vein with a discussion on movies about making movies, and traverse titles like “Singin’ in the Rain”, “Argo”, “Lost in La Mancha” and “The Player”.

In our main review we chew over “Birdman”, directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu and starring Michael Keaton as an actor who used to play a superhero but left it all behind … hey, wait a minute …

You’ll spend three of the most informative minutes of your life when our One-Minute Movie Reviews give you a snapshot of “Looper”, “Ragnarok” and “Swimming With Sharks”.

We close the episode with a plentiful and varied WatchedList from each of your three hosts, and YouSuckTube takes us on a journey into the world of shopping bags posing as UFOs.  So keep watching the skies and enjoy this episode of Movie Mastication.

Play Movie Mastication Podcast – Episode 24

oh, and don’t forget to check out this month’s riveting YouSUCKTube!


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