Episode 20 – Godzilla

Emerging from the smoke and rising high above the city grime, it’s episode 20 of Movie Mastication!

We’re in a celebratory mood this month with a review of “Godzilla” and some infantile chatter about movies we loved when we were kids.

We also have an interview at 37:20 with writer/producer/director Jack Thomas Smith, chatting to us about his latest release, controversial assembled footage film “Infliction”.

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  1. Trevor Vincent Kory July 13, 2014 — 9:32 am

    Great found footage film, really makes a person think about the effects a persons upbringing has upon society. Jack Thomas Smith has a real talent for creating true suspense. I found a good interview with him at; http://www.wonderfulworldofhorror.com which by the way is an awesome horror site that’s full of some terrific content.

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