Episode 11 – I Give It A Year

It’s a love-fest in this month’s episode of Movie Mastication Podcast!

This Month’s topic is a lesson in geometry crossed with romance with our discussion of love triangles.  Our different takes on love and triangles include “Gone With the Wind”, “Irreversible” and “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”.

In (probably) our shortest and (definitely) angriest main movie review, we go in search of love and laughs in romantic comedy “I Give It A Year” and find it sadly lacking in both rom and com.

As always, we present our much-lauded One-Minute Movie Reviews, and Watchlist reveals that we’ll never believe in true love again, with our favourites this month including “Argo”, “The Killage”, “Dead Sushi”, “Zero Kelvin” and lots of other decidedly un-romantic titles.

Thanks to everyone who entered our Favourite Movies of 2012 competition, and congratulations to Jolson, winner of the $50 Amazon voucher. We’ll be getting that prize out you real soon!

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