Episode 7 – Moonrise Kingdom

This month the MM crew set sail for the ‘Island of Quirk’ with our review of Wes Anderson’s “Moonrise Kingdom”. For this month’s topic we’re in B-Movie territory as we discuss the history, the horror, and possibly the greatest B Movie of them all: “Troll 2”.

Rock interviews David Barker about his first feature film, “The Second Coming”, and the rise of crowd sourcing as a new way of raising funds for independent movies.  If you want to make a contribution, head over to pozible.com, they are very close to the target and just need a bit more to get them over the line!

With the year nearly over, we finally get around to discussing our three favourite movies of the year so far.

Finally, our general discussion takes a detour into TV land via “Todd and the Book of Pure Evil” and “Sons of Anarchy”.

We want to hear about your favourite B movies, your favourite movies of the year so far, or anything else on your mind, so drop us a line at moviemastication@gmail.com or head to our Facebook page!

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The Second Coming – Crowdfunding Video from Aquarius Films on Vimeo.


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