Episode 5 – Prometheus

Welcome to Episode 5 of Movie Mastication … where we take off into the stratosphere to discuss sci-fi movies in their many forms before taking on the highly anticipated “Prometheus” in our main review.  Things get loud and rowdy, and demands are made for Sir Ridley Scott to hand back his knighthood (and it’s also pretty clear which members of the podcast paid attention in science class!). SPOILER ALERT!! The main review is SPOILER-HEAVY.  If you haven’t seen “Prometheus” yet, skip ahead about half-an-hour.

Also in this episode, Rock speaks to Kylie and Rody Claude about their first feature film, “Deadtime”, and the highs and lows of low-budget film-making.  Visit the “Deadtime” website or join in the talk with them on their Facebook page. Take a look at the action-packed trailer below:

With our patented one-minute movie reviews and some recommendations and not-so-recommended movies from Jody, Rock, The Spoiler and The Hitter, there’s plenty to fill the space…

Play Movie Mastication Podcast – Episode 5




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