Movie Review :: The Avengers

Every so often, a film comes around that makes you scream ‘fuck yes!’ and Joss Whedon’s film adaption of the popular Marvel comic series, The Avengers, has had just that effect on me.

As a fan of the comic, I was expecting to come out of this film in a lather of sweaty neckbeard nerd rage at this abomination of such a sacred pillar of American comic book history. However, Whedon’s gentle but sure approach to characterization, driving of plot and effects was to me, a master stroke.

Black Widow (aside from Scarlet Johannson’s wavering accents at times) was just as I hoped she would be – kick-ass, well-rounded and actually afforded some decent screen time. Robert Downey Jnr continues to excel in his role as Tony Stark, and Chris Evans is a very welcome Captain America. I won’t even talk about how good The Hulk is in this film, portrayed by Mark Ruffalo – with so many failed attempts before him (you wouldn’t like him when he’s Ang Le) he should stand proudly on his own, no explanation necessary.

Far from mimicking the blockbuster dick-waving contest so often seen by the likes of Michael Bay, Whedon’s use of CGI is a feat, allowing the audience to sink into a world with superheroes but never once being distracted from the big picture.

Some said it was a little long, but I didn’t want it to end. So caught up in the fantasy was I that I left the cinema feeling safer and more empowered than any real terrorist hotline, army or coastguard could ever afford me.

I for one welcome our new superhero overlords. 9/10

– Love,

The Spoiler


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