Episode 3 – This Must Be The Place

Sean Penn’s most recent flick, THIS MUST BE THE PLACE,  gets the MM treatment with Jody B Movie, Rock Hardson, The Hitter and The Spoiler offering up their *ahem* insights into a film that has polarised  some camps of the cinema-phile brigade. Light the touch paper and stand back folks, is it a lovely skyrocket or a complete fizzer?

This month’s “THIS MONTH” features our all-time favourite music and/or band films/documentaries. We’d like to hear what’s your favourite music or band-related film, so feel free to email us at moviemastication@gmail.com or post on our wall at facebook.com/MovieMastication and we’ll read ’em out and discuss.

Back by popular demand, our ONE MINUTE REVIEWS get a bit tongue twisted at times but we try to give you a succinct burst of flavour in a minty fresh way! This month we have  an odd kinda mix: Mary Reilly, The Runaways, Michael Fassbender’s A Dangerous Method, and the Norwegian thriller Cold Prey.

And we added a general discussion segment this time just so we can blag about any old stuff we’ve been watching lately. This month sees us talk about some Scandinavian films we particularly like including among others A Somewhat Gentle Man and Zero  Kelvin (Kjaerligheten’s Kjotere) from Norwegian director Hans Petter Moland and Australian classic slasher/thriller Wolf Creek.

Thanks everyone for your feedback and comments about the 10 films we don’t wanna see! We’re collating the stats, crunching the numbers,  sitting the monkeys at their typewriters, and we’re going to see the fruits of your suggestions very, very soon… *shudders*.

For next month’s THIS MONTH the focus is going to be on Horror Comedy movies – or HorrCom as we have dubbed it –  and the main review will be Tim Burton’s new Depp-vehicle, DARK SHADOWS.  In the meantime, lay back and chew on an extended double-feature length episode of MOVIE MASTICATION!

Play Movie Mastication Podcast – Episode 3


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