Episode 2 – Carnage

Jody, Rock Hardson, The Hitter and The Spoiler this month take on CARNAGE starring Kate Winslet, John C. Reilly, Jodie Foster and Christoph Waltz – a clever and hilarious take on parenthood and the complexities of middle age.

This month’s “THIS MONTH” features our favourite (and/or otherwise) dysfunctional family movies – and there’s some pretty dark moments here folks. We’d like to hear what’s your favourite f****ed up family fillum, so feel free to email us at moviemastication@gmail.com and we’ll read out our favourite missives.

And our One Minute Reviews get a bit tongue twisted at times but we try to give you a succinct burst of flavour in a minty fresh way!

So, we have been hanging out for people to pick out a movie from the 10 MOVIES WE NEVER, EVER WANNA SEE on the 10 LISTS page and then tell us one from each person’s list to review. So I guess if we don’t get any responses we’re gonna bite the bullet and select something for each other. That should be fun … hehehe.

So tune in next month for this and next month’s THIS MONTH which is going to be movies about bands/musicians, and our main review will be THIS MUST BE THE PLACE.  In the meantime, lay back and chew on the the next hour of MOVIE MASTICATION!

Play Movie Mastication Podcast – Episode 2


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